Reading programs for children to encourage reading and make it fun for everyone

1. "Reading Rewards" Program

BOOKS takes a unique position on reading programs for children. Rather than reward for the number of books read, we reward for the TIME spent reading. This will persuade children to choose more challenging reading material and encourage struggling readers to read more.

BOOKS encourages Family Story Hour by allowing children to accumulate time by reading to an adult reading partner or by listening to an adult read to them.

Children choose their own reading goals and receive their reward based on their success in meeting that goal.

2. Children’s Programming Grants

These grants are offered directly to participating libraries so they can have more reading programs for children or to start new ones.

Exciting programs make the library a fun place for children to visit.

3. Book Collections

BOOKS provides libraries with an opportunity to order the newest and best in children’s books as well as adding to their collections of classics. Easy access to exciting new books provides additional motivation for children to read. Parents will also find titles that help their children be better readers. Books in this special collection are easily identified by spine labels.